9 Year Old Uses Cannabis For Improved Quality of Life

by Angela Fairless
(Note~Within about 5-7 days of this article posting D’Anthony’s body stopped working.  In the days following his mother was gifted a NASA certificate that designates a star in the sky as D’Anthony Dancer’s star.  Thank you to everyone who kept this family and little boy in their thoughts and loving intention!)
I have met a lot of sick and dying people over the years as a medical marijuana activist.  The fist time I went to someone’s ‘deathbed’ or gave some kind of medicine form to a hostel nurse was intense, but that was years ago and its a lot less intense for me now; I’ve gotten more comfortable with death, disease and seeing people in sad and painful states.

9 year old D’Anthony and his mother Toi Lewis.

Well, I thought I had gotten used to it, but that was before I was invited to meet D’Anthony Dancer, a 9 year old OMMP patient who was diagnosed with a very rare type of terminal brain cancer.

The day I went to see D’Anthony, he was in a particularly acute amount of pain and the family had called a local spiritual leader to come and sit with him for a time.  As I was leaving this graceful woman was placing her hands on his head and beginning her prayers…if you pray, please consider including D’Anthony in your prayers or meditations soon.

Lets look at the word “Terminal” and what it means and its potential affect on us as humans.  D’Anthony’s mom, Toi, seems to have a greater understanding of the “power of suggestion” then most people might, acknowledging the fact that we are impacted by things not only with our physical body, but our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well.   With this understanding she asks that people not use the words “Cancer” or “terminal” when they are around D’Anthony, an idea which seems so perfect to me that I wanted to include that information, hoping that others might follow suit in the future.

We need to be extra careful with our words (and our thoughts) as they are very powerful and can either positively or negatively affect our bodies (all of them) as well as all of those around us and our environment.  This is especially the case in regard to children, or anyone in a weakened state, like an elderly person or a sick person; please keep this in mind as you read and think or talk about D’Anthony; think of hope, not sadness, not death, but of life and love.

From the links below you can see that D’Anthony and his family have been in this battle for some time now.  Utilizing concentrated cannabis oil, (the FECO concentrate) which was donated to the family by an altruistic grower, the family has been able to greatly improve the quality of life D’Anthony has been experiencing these last couple months.

It still amazes me how much this plant can help people in all stages and ages of life or death.  Please remember to support the cause of the cannabis plant and if you have the time to check out the links below please consider supporting D’Anthony and his family in any way possible.

This site is set up to help families of cancer patients raise money and awareness for their loved one, please click here to visit D’Anthony’s page on this site.

You can also find the Dancer family on facebook by clicking here.

Here are a couple links to older articles about D’Anthony,

The Skanner

Portland Observer




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