CANCER and Cannabis… HOW is thi$ not legal?

By now everyone who is more aware than the masses has seen the documentary that came out in 2008 “Run from the Cure; the Rick Simpson Story” and if not than please find the time to view the 58 minute documentary.   Rick Simpson learned that cannabinoids kill cancer cells safely, so he figured out an extraction method and started using it to “cure” his own various cancers, then his family and friends, and then community at large.  It wasn’t long after this movie was made before he became a political refugee and is now a global hero for his activism and altruism.

F.E.C.O aka"Rick Simpson Oil," "RSO," "Cancer oil"

The first time I watched this I was appalled and yet not too surprised, by now even being young I’ve come to learn the government, police officers, our parents, and corporations most often say they are trying to protect us (and maybe they are) but in the end, they hurt us more than they help us. I had already known for a few years about the massive, global economic oppression and how the currency and corporate system works to keep us all enslaved, but somehow it was still enraging.  Top officials in our government and scientific community have been aware since 1974 that cannabinoids kill cancer cells.  They know how its done and more importantly that cannabinoids kill the diseased cells while protecting the healthy cells around them.

It is not as profitable, however, as the approved cancer treatment that quickly kills people because it is NOT safe, or effective…merely expensive.  The man who coined the term fascism said a more appropriate term for it might be corporatism.  Regardless of what you want to call it, we know why ninety nine percent of us are dying, sick and/or hungry and unemployed and we are not standing for it any longer.

Speaking of cannabis protecting healthy cells and oppression, the Federal Government is also the only entity that owns a patent on cannabinoids, as…you guessed it a neuroprotectant and an antioxidant!  For documentation on that click here and keep in mind that this is the Federal level of our government.  The hypocrisy of owning a patent on something as medicine and simultaneously not allowing people to use the term “medicine” in reference to that same patented item is beyond morally abhorrent and insulting.

There is a new book out that I HIGHLY recommend if your really into the science behind cannabinoids.  Author Clint Werner will educate you about the body’s natural endocannabinoid system and how these unique compounds found in marijuana can improve your overall health.  For information on the book, Marijuana Gateway to Health please visit this site here.  Marsha Rosenbaum Ph.D, Socioilogist from Drug Policy Alliance said  “I learned more from this book than anything I’ve read in the past decade.”


I have been blessed to be able to obtain some of this kind of oil myself, made with love by my own grower as well as others I know.  It has helped me more than anything else in life and I mean that on so many levels.  First lets talk physically; I went to ER multiple times per year from age 10 to age 23.  Since then I’ve been able to replace 3 shots and an IV to combat dehydration with one tiny capsule of cannabis oil.

At this high of a concentration a little goes a long way, just like the essential oils you might use in your bath.

In regard to mental and spiritual health (which ought not really be separated much from physical health but that is what we humans do in our minds) it has also been one of the most helpful tools in my life.  As a person who was raised in a broken-home where there was untreated mental health issues, I not only suffered a great deal of trauma but I also learned negative behavioral patterns.  In addition to that I was molested as a child, and one of the worst ways this showed itself in my health was the onset of insomnia at a very young age.  For years I only could sleep for a broken-up 3-5 hours per night most often with “night terrors or nightmares” and this especially became worse after child bearing.  However, the first time I took a capsule of this oil I slept for about 11 hours straight, and then the next night and night after I slept roughly 8-9 hours, and now I am on a regular healthy 5-8 hours of sleep in which I rarely if ever wake up which means I am obtaining optimal REM sleep for the first time in my memory.

Mix it with other healing plant materials to help apply it topically or in a capsule or suppository.

The new hero of our movement, or at least my corner of the marijuana movement is commonly referred to as “The Rick Simpson of Oregon” and I feel very blessed to have been given some of his oil to try and it is because of him and his following the example of Rick Simpson that I can say I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life.

I just wish our government and the corporations would allow all of us to be truly free so that all my friends can enjoy the health I am.  I would encourage you to learn the healthy ways of preparing your cannabis and/or seeking our an oil or extraction like this to take daily; like a mult-vitamin, but better!

For another story on this oil and how it is helping people in the Santa Cruz area click here. 

Another amazing documentary released more recently is “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer” and you can see a short video with clips from that by clicking play below.


Though they are out of stock right now, you can often purchase the full version here.

LR Poster/Author-Angela Fairless


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